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King ThunDeDeDe

Male. Lives in Horse Land,  Equestria. Born on January 27, 1999
Earth Pony
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King ThunDeDeDe
Thunder melts some Cheddar Cheese to dip his nachos in.
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Cheddar Cheese
Ya ya ya ya yeet
King ThunDeDeDe
Fun kirb fact #21846218461 kirb only says Poyo in the anime because Sakurai didn't want kirb to speak an actual language to be more relatable to the audience That's 100% real, I didn't make it up fo...View More
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Dream does this too. Except mainly she doesn't talk to hide her mega galaxy brain from simpletons.
Azure Train
Azure kisses his coltfriend's lips. "Goodnight my love, I'm going to bed."
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King ThunDeDeDe
Thunder smooches in return. "Night, hun! Love you~" <3
Azure Train
"Love you too! You know it already though~" <3
King ThunDeDeDe
Thunder steals the bell from a miniature model of Ponyville and puts it in his bell collection.
Aurora Cassiopeia
That is the most adorable profile picture I've seen. UwU
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King ThunDeDeDe
no you
King ThunDeDeDe
Fun kirb fact #8579472 Kirb is not real, he cannot hurt you
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King ThunDeDeDe
*poyo in the distance*
Demonic H. Hooves
that sounds like something a co-conspirator of kirb would say
King ThunDeDeDe
Thunder flops next to you.
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Chiller Sway
Darn dash attack
Captain Sky N Nova
Sky picked up Thunder, using him as a melee weapon while screaming the lyrics to Thunderstruck.
King ThunDeDeDe
Thunder swings his prop hammer around while Sky uses him as a weapon, inflicting a bit more damage by doing so.
Captain Sky N Nova
X5 damage multiplier!
>Thunderstruck Fuck off
Captain Sky N Nova
I love you too Abby.
King ThunDeDeDe
Thunder drops off a gift-wrapped box at Zaten's door. He was supposed to drop it off yesterday for his birthday, but got too busy during the day for him to make time to do so.
Zaten is happy even if it was a day late! He grabs the box and opens it, wanting to see what was inside.
King ThunDeDeDe
Inside the box was a large, plastic Pokeball. It felt heavier than such a thing would normally be, however... maybe something else was inside it?
Zaten immediately tries to open the Pokeball.
King ThunDeDeDe
The ball sprung open with a boop to the button on the front, revealing the contents; a green Gameboy Advance SP, still in the box with a silkscreen graphic of Rayquaza on the top of the lid. Underneath the system box was a copy of Pokemon Emerald; again, still in its original packaging. Underneath t...View More
Zaten almost faints but instead just squeals happily as he hops around, screaming "YAY" exceptionally loudly, before he runs inside with the Gameboy box and begins to play Pokemon after getting it out of the box and turned on.
King ThunDeDeDe
Thunder could hear Zaten's excitement all the way from his house a block away, while he and Azure Train were in the kitchen cooking their supper.
King ThunDeDeDe owes me like, three bits.”
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King ThunDeDeDe
From now until November 1st, all of Thunder's boops will be applied via the prop hammer he bought for his Nightmare Night costume.
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