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Thunder Riff

Male. Lives in Horse Land,  Equestria. Born on January 27, 1999
Earth Pony
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Canon Equestria
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Thunder Riff
updated his profile photo.
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Thunder Riff
updated his profile photo.
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Thunder Riff
Thunder turns down all your windows fans by 1 setting on the knob.
Cipher Splint
Jokes on you, I have no AC in my office.
Vy Thresh
But the outside air is hotter
Thunder Riff
Thunder moves everything in your bathroom 3 inches to the left. Including fixtures.
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OHNO *water sprays EVERYWHERE*
Thunder Riff
Thunder munches on a blueberry bagel.
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Ice Wisp
Ice was the blueberry bagel
Dream can confirm he was in fact the blueberry bagel.
polo fastter
ice wisp
Thunder Riff
Thunder eats the cheese off Azure Train's pizza.
Azure Train
Azure is really grateful for this! Thunder gets a Pegasus's kiss on the cheek.
Thunder Riff
Screw it. Ask blue music hors anything.
Vy Thresh
What's your favorite chess opening?
Thunder Riff
Opening the box, because you kinda have to do that in order to set up the board
(( i feel like i started this QnA thing again XDD)) Favorite song?
Thunder Riff
I've Got Some Falling To Do by Lemon Demon, though my favorite song tends to change by the week at this point.
Twisted Fate
How do you look yourself in the eyes in the mirror every morning without puking in your mouth?
Thunder Riff
I look at myself with a fun house mirror so all the weird abstract proportions even out and I look normal again
Thunder Riff
Thunder swears on your christian minecraft server.
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Chiller Sway
"N-no swearing on my Christian Minecraft Server! I'll tell your mommy..." Came the timid reply from the bronze horse
Thunder Riff
Chiller Sway
Thunder Riff
Thunder goes to the store for milk and never comes back.
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Mina Marzipan
Mina waits for him by staring at the door like a dog, forever.
Thunder Riff
Thunder holds up a sign that says "If you read this you're cute".
Lenore sat nearby with a falcon hood covering her face and head. She cocked her head around, hearing, but not seeing.
Chiller Sway
Thunder Riff
Thunder makes Azure Train read the sign.
Azure Train
Azure's cheeks go red right now. "T-that's not true..!"
Thunder Riff
"Accept it, you're adorable! >:c"
Azure Train
Azure lists a hoof up and lets a big huff out. One of his blushing cheeks is full of air and the pegasus looks away. "B-baka..!" <3
Amity Guard
Amity holds up a mirror.
Chiller Sway
Beautiful sign
"Of course!"
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus would blush.* I have gone years without knowing this, thank you.
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