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(Future King) Artemis

Male. Lives in Canterlot Castle,  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on April 13, 1992
Misc. RP Information
(Hello all. If you have read this far, you probably already know that the character I'm using, Prince Artemis, is the genderbend of Princess Luna! Now before you think that's not your cup of tea or you do think it is, let me explain how I'm going to be doing this character. Yes, Prince Artemis is the male version of Princess Luna. This means he shares the same past and the same abilities. However I like to believe that him being male version of Luna wouldn't mean that he has the same personality. I believe with him being male, it opens up kinda more differences in the way He acts compared to ...View More
Raising the moon, Being Prince/Is currently the main Prince
Detailed Personality
The personality of Artemis can be seen as a bit complex. Artemis is a stallion that is considered very prideful. He feels himself deserving of a lot of things, even things that he himself hasn't exactly earned. Due to him being banished because of his Tyrant ways, Artemis has seen to better his personality bit by bit. He is shown to considerate and caring to those he feels deserve his care and emotion. He had also tried his best to better himself as a Prince, thinking more for the citizens then anything if possible. But that in itself is difficult because he has more then one personality.
He st...View More
Detailed History
Since birth, Artemis was seen as magically gifted along side his older brother Solaris. Being the son of Queen Haru of Light and King Astra of Darkness, Artemis was placed on a extremely high pedestal in his early years of growing up. With his Mother's teachings and his Father's training, Artemis would be brought up in the ways of guiding the perfect kingdom. But something that wasn't in the works was him being a Ruler. King Astra had seemed to put all his efforts into training his Eldest son, Solaris. Neglecting Artemis in his training and even refusing to help him control his natural gift of...View More
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Wall Posts, Private Messages
Canterlot, but most would argue the moon.
Common locations your character will be
Canterlot, Ponyville, Manehatten
Title(s) / Rank
Skin / Coat Color
Dark Blue. Possibly Royal depending on colorblindness
Eye Color
Kinda like a greenish blue
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
The moon
Reading, relaxing, groups of ponies, raising the moon
Rudeness, disrespect, arrogance as he sees it
Canterlot School of Royal Training, Studies of the Dark arts in Magic
Assets / Bits / Property
He's a Prince living in Canterlot Castle.
Bits are rather easy to come by.
Skills / Notable Talent(s)
Artemis possess a dangerous understanding and use in Dark Magic. Dark magic is a very toxic and corrupt magic that he had adopted use of since Birth.
Raising the moon
Shadow Manipulating
Weapon Conjuring
Dark Absorption
Old Arts of Dark magic use
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April 13, 1992
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