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Princess Bluemoon

Lives in Tucson, Ponyville Equestria Born on April 15, 1999 Female
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Meet bluemoon, a princess who is trying her best to fit in with the other princesses, and possibly a...View More
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Princess Bluemoon
Hey, finally got a fourth new computer. Sooo Happy, I get to finally see all your lovely photos again :) Did Anypony miss me?
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Princess Bluemoon
Does anyone know what this engine runs on? I got a new hard drive for my computer after having helped to take it apart, and the hard drive is a Windows XP
Demonic hooves
What the hell are you talking about. . . and photos would be helpfull
Princess Bluemoon
That's the thing, I can't see any of the photos on here, I need to know what this engine is so I can figure out what to download to fix the image error.
Oh well it probably runs on unity. You just have to make sure to run your debug through the firewall in order to clean out the CPU so you can get a proper operating system running on your engine.
Princess Bluemoon
Well, I'm using windows XP or Windows 98....
Starlit Spackle
You gotta make sure that the OS can POST when you flash the HDD after a successful boostrap. Don't worry about it, it's probably a legacy issue that you can safely ignore by reseating your RAM.
Anzo meep
Havent I seen you before *tilt head*
Princess Bluemoon
Wow, I just woke up look at that number.
Princess Bluemoon
Halfway through the season of Znation, and it's already caught me with the feelings...... episode 6 sucked....
Princess Bluemoon
updated her profile photo.
Princess Bluemoon
updated her profile information.
Princess Bluemoon
Rude said I was reverse order, so I need to step my game up. How are all the retarded, cringey, homestuck, tumblr, asshole, bitch, ass, gay, cunts doing? Oh wait, I think that only goes for admin :P, ...View More
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Not enough bit coin nor fighting game mentioning
Princess Bluemoon
That's not shitposting, that's just being stupid. Your standards of shitposting is wrong, I've shitposted so bad, 5 people blocked me.
>retarded :eyes:
Phoenix Genevieve
Aren’t jokes usually funny?
Princess Bluemoon
Not shock humor
Olga Darnassia
/ You still believe it's shitposting? damn that's sad.
Princess Bluemoon
I do yes, I shitpost for shitposting, and it's rude humor/dark humor.
Olga Darnassia
Basalt Alltrades
youre slaying me with this please stop I need to breath
You took nine potentially normal insults and combined them to make Confusing Word Soup.
Cambia Amore
blessed post
*gives a muffin* you earned it ^^
Tuftyfluff Bliss
Toothpaste horse?
Princess Bluemoon
I guess?
Tuftyfluff Bliss
Princess Bluemoon
Sigh, only name I could come up with.
Tuftyfluff Bliss
It's a good name dude. I'm just bustin your chops! :3
Princess Bluemoon
I'm a female...
Tuftyfluff Bliss
Oh! My mistake, miss. :)
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