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Retina Somnium
Is it just me who thinks Sandbar is incredibly cute? I just watched the season 8 episodes tonight and I can't help thinking Sandbar is so nice and cute.
Script Anonymous Cone Lord lord of all Cones
Smolder and the changling girl are cool to sandbar just looks so....nope nope not gonna be the one to say it
Retina Somnium
DIY Rarity exercise book for French ^^
Retina Somnium
Anybody fighting with anxiety? :/
and  liked this
Deactivated Account
//Not always. Sometimes I give up and don't fight it.
Retina Somnium
So I'm not alone :)
Eona Heart
I am
A what?
Deactivated Account
// You
Desert Thorn
A bit
I do a lot. I’m a fairly anxious person.
Littchie Von Bleed
90% of the folks here
Mint Chip
All day, every day.
Yes but you have to get up and work. That's what people do.
Retina Somnium
I hope you find her.
Retina Somnium
Thank you :) Maybe one day.
The Great Papyrus wishes you good luck in your hard working adventure to find you're friend i would do the same if i had someone i wanted to meet Nyeh hehe Keep your Chin up and be brave.
Retina Somnium
Thank you very much Great Papyrus :)
Retina Somnium
Hi Guys, my very first time I post my artwork here (profile not included :P), I hope you like it. I would like some critique. Title: Let me go now
Larger resolution.
Retina Somnium
Random evening post :P I've just made them for the last school day ^^
Broken Fate
Aw cute!
Retina Somnium
Thanks a lot ^^
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