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Part-time nurse.
Detailed History
Star Sky is a unicorn stallion born in Ponyville to Endeavor Sky, her unicorn mother and Swift Sky, his Pegasus father. They both cared a lot for Star when he was a colt, since he is their only foal.
Star, as a colt, would normally go around Ponyville greeting other ponies and would talk to them. He used to be really kind, and didn’t have any fear of talking to anypony, since it was a thing that he used to do every day, most of his day.
Even though Star was often happy, he would sometimes look at other ponies and wish he was them, this would mostly happen with Pegasuses and Batponies, since Sta...View More
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
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Common locations your character will be
Ponyville, Canterlot.
Skin / Coat Color
Light blue.
Eye Color
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
Two wings with yellow and blue stars.
Work, kindness, learning and flying.
Evil, loneliness and being in front of crowds of ponies
Assets / Bits / Property
A small house in Ponyville.
A bookshelf full of spell scrolls.
Skills / Notable Talent(s)
Flying fast, using his spells.
Basic spells:
Mobility spells (Star's focus):
-Floating spell.
-Acceleration spell.
-Wing-granting spell.
Basic healing spells (Due to job)
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