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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn

Male. Lives in  Mount Aris,  Beyond Equestria.
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Stickman is a golden-haired, hoodie wearing, gold-shoe wearing Stickian who fights for whats right. He's teamed up with his sister Jewel Gunderson, Skye, the princess of Hippogriffia Skystar, and the child prodigy Yinu, to take down the nastiest of villains. Together, there's nothing they can't accomplish as long they have each other.
Read more into the backstory in the first 10th Anniversary blog post: 'The First Adventure: A Stickman's Adventures 10th Anniversary Friendship Letter'!
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Status Update

Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
To those concerned about me losing interest in the Genocide Route timeline rp (if you were interested in that), fret not! I'm just ironing out some plot points on my end as well as thinking about how ... View More
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Stickman, The Normal Unicorn
I still want to do that ruined Natura Concert Hall battle between the Rebellion and Stickman, so stay tuned for more story from that! And there still is a lot more stuff I wanna tell through this story, so I'm not really done with the Genocide Route timeline yet.
Like May 26, 2023