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Female. Lives in  Baltimare,  Equestria.
Misc. RP Information
hello! I didn't have much to say here! but now I do I think!! so here goes c:
My DMs are always open for any reason. Whether you want to start an RP or just talk! If you want to vent or anything like that, go for it! No previous interaction necessary. You can even ask me not to respond if that's what you need. This profile is my main one, so while I'd love to RP with Bubblegum, it's not a problem if you just wanna chat.
To add to that-
I am a coward,, so I probably won't message you or add you first :c but I'm always absolutely delighted to make new friends, so please don't be shy!! Chances are I...View More
She runs a gum store.
Detailed Personality
Bubblegum is really happy go lucky most of the time! She's a glass-all-full-(half water, half air), never-fully-dressed-without-a-smile type. She loves to give presents and compliments when she can- often the present is a pack of gum, but she tries her best. Bubble can often come off as kind of ditzy, and her naivety can get her in a lot of trouble, but she means well. And she tries to learn from that trouble as much as she can.
Bubble is also a little bit of a hopeless romantic. Okay, a lot! When you spend all day in your shop with only a stuffed rabbit, of course she daydreams- that's most of...View More
Detailed History
Bubblegum lives in Baltimare, where she runs a small gum store. No one knows how it got there or how she got there, but there she is.
Some history on the shop:
When Baltimare was still a young city, a wonderous place full of potential and promise, many aspiring ponies opened businesses and built houses, certain that they would be the lucky go-getters to successfully seek their fortune.
Two such go-getters were Bubblegum and Gumball, inseparable twins with grand dreams of life in the big city. So they took those dreams, and they bought a little shop and did what they did best: Make and sell gum. A...View More
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Wall Posts, Private Messages
Common locations your character will be
Tea shops! Sweet shops, walking. Her own shop, of course.
Skin / Coat Color
Eye Color
Honey/hazel brown-ish.
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
Like Hermes' staff but pink and with bubblegum. Why? Yes.
Design Description
Taller than your average mare, Bubblegum otherwise has the slender build of a pegasus. She's slim and sleek, with a thick silky coat that's fittingly bubblegum pink, excluding the white tips of her ears, and the light fur above her hooves. And freckles. Lots of little freckles. Just beneath her left eye is a freckle shaped like a heart. Speaking of, her eyes are honey brown. Round and big, and they have lots of flecks of dark and light all together that sparkles in the light.
Bubble's mane and tail are long and yellow-blonde and very soft to the touch. A lot of the time she can be seen with bra...View More
Gummies, gum, bubbles, pink, blue, soft things, painting
Rain, the ocean, large bodies of water, acrylics
Not really.
Assets / Bits / Property
A humble profit from her store, and a small room in the back where she sleeps and lives. Although she wouldn't call her frog property, she has a frog roommate named Sweetpea, and she loves this frog very much. They go on adventures sometimes.
Skills / Notable Talent(s)
Making gum. She also paints with watercolours, and often uses soap bubbles in her work in order to add patterns and textures.
However, her Special Talent™️ is spreading joy. And gum? It's not really very clear, actually, and she would really love a better explanation. But here we are.
No sir. No spells here. Nope.
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