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Ever wish you hadn't lived? Not in the sense that you've never been born but in the sense of not experiencing something that may have been amazing to you. Sometimes our experiences define who we are however there are some things that are negative and change people's perspective of us. If you lived your life and had fun and something comes back to bite you in the butt what do you think should be done about that?
holy crap this is deep. i regret some things but not others, i do wish id lived a bit more, then maybe id be better, and things wouldn't be so hard.
As amazing as it is when I posted this I had no knowledge of what I was going to learn soon there after. Since this post I have done more living without regrets, as in I have done more living & I refuse to regret how I have had interactions with the environment. I must say that if you have moments where you question rather you should do some "living" or the mundane existence thing. Choose to live.
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