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Snow Storm
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Adrian Coalhopper
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Dragon Breath
I made some reese's pieces cookies! I figured that the colors were Halloween enough!!
well.... me try to color my face with some stuff and blur out alot for private security CX
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
((Coooooookieeeeees! (Yes that were premade but I'm in college I don't have time to actually make them!! xD))
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Maizzey Starr
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This is the costume that I made for Halloween! Not directly related, but still crafty and cool! I mean its freaking Spider-Man! PS, the webshooters actually function as water guns!
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Basalt Alltrades
so i was making spider cookies, so you can see how they looked the last time i made them, that's the group of 6, but when i made them this time around as well as a bunch of pumpkin roll and brownies with some marshmallow mixed in, the bag i was using to pipe the chocolate legs exploded so i gave up, i am told they are still delicious
i also did an arts and crafts thing for the competition at work, it was dumb, we only had, like, 15 out of the 160+ employees do a pumpkin
i gotta go wash my kitchen now...
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Acry Weaver (Inactive)
My first time ever carving a pumpkin! :D I worked on it with my boyfriend (Razor) ^u^
I have a Chinese bootleg pusheen nightlight that I made a spooky as heck costume for
spoiler: what he is underneath
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