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Snow Storm
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Had an early Spook party/wedding party for a good friend of mine and all the cakes and cupcakes I made, turned out great!!!
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Lavender "Marius" Mond
So I don't have a picture of the pumpkin atm but I and my roommate yoinked on from another resident on the hall and slapped a piece of duck tape on it that reads "Pumpkin."
Just this orange, plump pumpkin sitting in a hallway of an apartment complex. No treats, only tricks...
Lula Vieve
:D cat
Some kind of scary devils face I have made with clay, I hope it counts as submission xD
Gen Tonic
Spooky cookies and some scarily sweet drinks to go with uwu
I made an oragami ghosty and then I snapped a picture of it. I added a couple cool filters to make it more aesthetically pleasing.