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I'd like to find someone to RP and be friends with. New to the site and the fandom but I've been roleplaying for years.
No lewd, no romance (I have a bf irl and he wouldn't like it much)
Message me if you want to RP, or just chat
Hey there, I'm new here as well (and I've also only recently joined the fandom, only for half a year or so).☺️ But I haven't done any kind of roleplay in a VERY long time; did some wolf-rps way back, but even then not much. So I'm pretty green, insofar as roleplaying goes, but I LOVE to read and would say I'm a fair writer, which I believe are the two most important characteristics one could have when it comes to any kind of roleplaying. I would really love to try to get into it though; I think once I get the hang of it I could actually become pretty good at it, since when I’m reading I’m one of those people who gets completely, 100% immersed into whatever world it is they're reading about, and I’m sure the same thing would happen while role playing as wellߙ
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