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Summer Night team members, reply to this thread with your favorite photo of your summer night!
Phoenix Genevieve
I love taking pictures of lightning storms in the summer!
Acry Weaver (Inactive)
Scuse me
gonna need you to detail what unicorn gin is.
It's glittery, pink, and has a unicorn on the label :3 Apparently tastes like marshmallows and vanilla, but I never noticed XP
Black Parade
Getting Starbucks is my favorite summer activity uwu
This was time well spent. There's plenty more photo's but this is the best shot imo.
Liath Mac Medb
I couldn't upload anything because the files are too big and would break the forums even more than they're already broken, but here's some links to them.
Demonic H. Hooves
Sory my photo is shit the lense on my phone camera is shit
but i just love standing on top of bulding, haveing a cig and looking at the city
Ephemeria Spring
so on a daily basis I have to walk past this rock, and it looks really weird. have a heckin' dumb rock >:c
Putting up with people being pulled over. The image doesn't want to load but trust me its there
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Basalt Alltrades
I I haven't been able to go for the past year because I work second shift now, but the Keeper of the Plains here in Wichita does this thing where they light several plinths down on the river. Picture is from Google. :c
Butterscotch Ormand
There's too much light pollution where I live to look out at stars, and I am too broke to really do anything else, so most nights I spend playing video games, trying to hack stuff together, and/or contemplate reorganizing the stuff on my desk.
Absinthe Noir
This is all I’ve done all summer - IM SORRY ITS A TRASHY PIC
Last update on July 13, 12:37 am by Absinthe Noir.
Even when living in a populated area, I can still sometimes get dome decent moongazing in.
Chimie Changa
I do love me some night, and I intended to take a picture of the night sky over the Everglades, but I actually haven't left the house this week!
So instead have some dusky bites of paradise, when the moon grins in the sky and night kisses the earth hello!
Last update on July 13, 9:25 pm by Aubade.
On the 7th of this month, I went to the local shelter to pick up a new friend. I named him Crescent! He's the black cat on the left. I didn't want to leave him alone when I was out of the house, so I went back and brought home the kitten on the right which was dubbed Moonshine. It's not quite been a week yet but I'm already in love and ready to spend my all of my summer nights with my boys.