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Astral Storm
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Comedy, School Life
It was an ordinary school day like any other, Canterlot High students rushing through their next classes, others heading towards the cafeteria for an early lunch, and then there's you staring at the baby blue eyes of a familiar pink student. Her breathe tickles your nose, her face never leaving any space for your comfort zone. You start to sweat as things slowly sink in and this whole thing was . Fortunately, she steps back and greets you happily, it was none other than the famous party animal Pinkie Pie.
She remembers your name too, that's nice of her.
She starts talking to you about asking for help at Sugarcube Corner, a cafe shop on a street corner two blocks away from the school. Apparently, from what you gather through a string of sentences without punctuations, the cafe is having its 5th year anniversary this weekend. This event, called the Sugarcube Fill-out, are giving free refills as gratification for their loyal customers and as their first ever milestone.
The preparations were going smoothly until one of their employees caught a flu and couldn’t go to work and another one was caught by some sort of explosion by accident...they're fine, you just had to ask Pinkie again if you misheard her but you definitely heard her correctly. You could’ve sworn you caught her smile drop for a split second...probably just you’re imagination.
You have never seen her upset after all.
She promised the Cakes that she would ask around school for help on the Sugarcube Fill-out and knew that you were free this weekend. She asked if you’d accept. She flutters her eyes and pouts when you asked how’d she knew of your schedule. After one long ‘pweeeease’, you agreed to help her.
She hugs you and informs you that she’s going to ask the other students now. She releases her hug and bounces away and waves “What are you waiting for? Start typing your characters!”
======================================================= ==============
The GameMaster GemiNiah NOTES...
Hello everyone, the name’s GemiNiah, offering an open forum for a one-shot roleplay. This is my first attempt in creating a story without rolling a 20-sided die to determine your attempts, so critique’s are very much appreciated. PM me your messages and I will read them thoroughly. Also, whatever happens to this story, if you’ve made any relationship with any of the characters, and you chose to play again with my one-shot rp’s, it will be ‘saved’.
- Keep conversations/rp’s 13+, come on man you are going to be working part-time with thee Pinkie Pie. The harbinger of joy, parties and innocence (probably) so keep everything where kids, teens and adults enjoy some classic Equestria Girls shenanigans.
- When posting in this forum, keep things IC (In Character) and OOC discussions (Out of Character) will be handled in the group chat...(once I figure out how to make one)
- We are following the guidelines of Canterlot Avenue so during roleplay’s please refrain from posting the following:
Racial slurs applicable to real life
Illegal content
Illicit Drugs
Real Life political views
Past events that are likely to cause drama (i. e. Terrorist attacks, Genocides)
Offensive names
Self harm and suicide
Real religious views
Content that mocks disabled individuals
NSFW Content
- Failure to comply will result in kicking your character off the story. Reread first bullet point.
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Things might get confusing, when replying to a character, type @(character name) and then add the dialogue you replied with. This applies as well when replying to multiple characters.
After the one shot is over, I’ll compile all conversations in this forum and put them inside Google Docs. I will release the final copy first to the roleplayers to check if I did their characters justice and release it publicly on my wall.
I’ll pick 3 roleplayers, a short discussion if needed and then we can start with the one shot
Applications (PM your character to me, Astral Blaze):
Character Information
Occupation: High School Student
Short Backstory about your character: (appearance, personality, bonds, flaws)
More info about your character:
Happily waiting for your applications :)
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