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Yes. My Little Pony OC rp's. I'm sure this isn't the first time something like this popped up here. Long story short. Your OC's and mine are paired up . Alicorns and Changelings(reformed or not) are allowed. Other race are allowed to but i warn you. Unicorns , ponies , pegasi , alicorns and Unreformed changelings are all i have at my disposal.
Unfortunately i only rp M/F , not F/F or M/M , nothing against it but i just don't feel right with that. If it's possible , i would prefer to rp in a Private Message if that is not to much trouble and yes if you have other questions i will gladly answer the.:yum:
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Bryce John Adalynn
Why are the OC's paired up, what's it all about? Even the OC's down at are paired up. I just can't figure all this stuff out.