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<p><strong>Name:</strong> Princess Celestia</p>
<p><strong>Age:</strong> Over a 1000 years old.</p>
<p><strong>Gender:</strong> Female</p>
<p><strong>Species:</strong> Alicorn</p>
<p><strong>Residence:</strong> Canterlot</p>
<p><strong>Occupation:</strong> Co-Diarch of Equestria</p>
<p><strong>Appearance:</strong> A mare whose presence cannot be missed, taller then any other pony in Equestria with long thin legs accented with an elegantly shaped of body and face. Has a pastal mane and tail of violet, azure, green and cyan that seems to move in the air with unfelt wind. Her fur is that of a purest white, and her violet eyes missing little. Has a jeweled golden crown, neck and hoof ornaments that are a sign of her title.</p>
<p><strong>Cutie Mark:</strong> A sun of orange red curved rays, an orange border, and golden yellow center.</p>
<p><strong>Personality:</strong> The princess is a calm, soft spoken ruler who rarely raises her voice but when she does her subjects can tell the situation was serious. A mare that hides most of herself away from all but a few, keeping a mask meant to protect herself from pain. For many years the joy and hope she given to her subjects could not be found within her own heart, yet because of her faithful student Celestia was able to regain her beloved sister. With Luna by her side she is finally able to feel the joy and hope she gave to others, the ache in her heart eased.</p>
<p>Over the years she had grown wise, her intelligence allowing her to overcome the many challenges over her rule. She also had a sense of fun and mischief, finding ways to ease the boredom that running a nation and dealing with politics often brings. Celestia truly cares about her subjects though, even if some may secretly annoy and frustrate her, and does all she can to allow them to discover their true potental. She is always looking to protect her subjects but sometimes worries that she is not strong enough to do so.</p>
<p>Takes joy from being with her sister Luna, getting her student's friendship reports, seeing others smile and laugh, when others treat her as a pony, eating pastries and cakes, snd offering a bit of humor to lighten the mood. What she dislikes most is failing her little ponies, strictly following protocol, being alone, ponies bowing to all the time or being nervous and going out of their way to please her, being kidnapped or otherwise taken out of commission.</p>
<p><strong>Background:</strong>  Little is know of Celestia's and her sister's early years. All the regal alicorn has revealed is snippets. Little snippets... The old castle that housed the royal princesses before the days of Discord... and the days before the Times of Trouble. A time when her parents watched the creation of the three races bonded by the fire of friendship.</p>
<p>Much speculation has arisen concerning the whereabouts of her parents. Some scholars say they were imprisoned by the chaotic Discord, but other say they sacrificed themselves to give their daughters a chance to defeat him. Either way, it was left up to Celestia and Luna to save the land, going to the Tree of Harmony to aquire the Elements to fight such a powerful foe as Discord.</p>
<p>Celestia stayed calm in the face of adversity, so as to keep everypony's spirits high. She cared for those suffering, but gave possible false hope that the sisters could fix the damage that was done. As the sisters tried fighting directly before going to the Tree of Harmony, but found they could do nothing. Discord decided to have some fun with the pair, starting by trying to tempt Princess Celestia to rule with him, side by side. Even though Celestia admitted that it would be easier to give in, her love for her sister and the suffering ponies meant she could not accept such an offer.</p>
<p>With a laugh, the draconequus left. He cackled, saying that there was more than one way to sway Celestia. Celestia was worried, fearing for her sister but she was able to find her and lead her to the Tree and then imprison Discord in stone. Celestia wielding the Elements of Magic, Generosity, and Kindness while Luna wielded the Elements of Loyalty, Honesty, and Laughter... thus allowing the sisters to restore order to a land having known chaos for so long.</p>
<p>As time passed the princesses helped Equestria grow through diplomatic relations, even aiding the Crystal Empire, a kingdom that fell prey to shadowy tyrant by the name of King Sombra. Celestia quickly realized in her trials that he was both powerful and cunning and was again separated from her sister. Celestia fought her way to King Sombra and Luna. She roused her sister to action so that together they could defeat him.</p>
<p>However all was not well. Not only was Princess Luna unwilling to speak of her troubles, King Sombra had also planted a curse on the Crystal Empire as he was just becoming imprisoned in ice. He had the Crystal Empire disappeared from the face of Equestria for 1000 years, leaving Princess Celestia heartbroken. Luna tried to comfort her, but to no avail as the royal sisters returned to Equestria in sorrow.</p>
<p>As time passed, Equestria desired more of the day and less of the night. Princess Celestia was inwardly pleased with her subject's praise, but she noticed an increasingly distant and unhappy Luna, one who felt a darkness envelop her very soul... Celestia promised herself frequently to speak with her sister, but she could never do so because her subjects continued to seek her attention. It would be too late when she realized the dire consequences of her neglect towards her sister...</p>
<p>On night though, Celestia met her sister in the throne room as Luna spoke her frustrations to her before breaking the podium between their thrones and creating a large crack going up the wall behind her. With such a hole opened up revealing the sun and Luna rose into the air raising the sun as she did creating an eclipse. With this dark rays formed around the moon falling upon Celestia's sister and energy begins to encircle Luna into ball of magic going from red to black to blue which formed the mane and tail of the mare before Celestia as she watched the transformation reach completion.</p>
<p>Maniacal laughter of a voice so unlike her sister filled the room, before the one that had once been her sister created a beam of magic that brought damage to the throne room. Celestia stepped forward and flow into the air before being attacked. Landing she calls Luna's name and says she will not fight her and tries reasoning with her. Yet this only brought a correction that the mare was not Luna but one calling herself Nightmare Moon and the words that she will destroy Celestia with such another beam attack forcing Celestia to take fight.</p>
<p>Nightmare Moon gave chase as flow away from her foe, continuing her attack as Celestia did her best to avoid attacks but finally she was hit and with a cry falls to the ground inside the castle. After a moment Celestia stood, and after looking in the direction of her foe decides with soft apology that she must take action. With such her magic opened up the place where the Elements were stored, and gathering them up they begin to spin around her. With light and energy forming around her Celestia rose up to where Nightmare Moon was and with tears appearing in her eyes used the Elements to attack the mare before her.</p>
<p>The jewels each brought forth a beam that combined together to create a rainbow of energy that overcame Nightmare Moon's own magic. With one final cry the dark mare was overcome and sent flying to the moon and being trapped within, her image appearing upon its surface.</p>
<p>Celestia placed the Elements back onto the pedestal once she was able, the Element of Magic disappearing while the others turned to stone. With sorrow, Celestia moved as quickly and as far away from the castle as she could... the conflict leaving the castle in ruins. Celestia finally slowed, uncertain on what to do next. She just wanted to hide, to cry but she knew her subjects would be afraid and confused... they needed her!</p>
<p>It was then that Celestia lowered the moon and allowed the sun to be revealed and gathered her little ponies to tell them that everything was fine. When the ponies asked about Luna however, Celestia could only give the half truth as she hung her head. She said that Nightmare Moon had taken her and as a result Celestia would oversee the duties of the night for Equestria's safety and Luna's memory. The Summer Sun Celebration was created by the ponies for the defeat of Nightmare Moon but for Celestia it was a bitter reminder of her loss and regret.</p>
<p>Celestia was not satisfied, she wanted to have her sister back. She found an oracle that prophesied that Nightmare would be freed in 1000 years. The stars would aid in her escape, but new wielders of the Elements of Harmony would be needed to be found if the princess wanted to save her sister.</p>
<p>A new castle was soon built and with it Canterlot grew around it. Many new cities spurt from the ground and prospered as Celestia continued to watch and guide. In this rule, Celestia created a facade to become the ruler her subjects needed. She had to be perfect in everything, from action to speech. On top of that, she had to be perfectly calm, never faltering, and never sorrowing. She had to be prepared to counter ever possible intrigue and threat to keep her subjects' hopes alive, even when all seemed doubtful and uncertain for her.</p>
<p>In her private chambers however, the princess allowed her emotions to pour. She sung a lullaby looking up at the moon, unsure as to whether her sister heard... Her guilt and loneliness poured out to the night sky... She wanted her sister back, and would do whatever it took to do so... even if it took a thousand years to find those ponies who would save her.</p>
<p>Time continued to pass. Few could ever get close to her, but when she found somepony important in her life, it pained her whenever they passed on. So many ponies knew her, but no one came close to truly understanding her as an aura of awe and mystery surrounded. Ponies had all sorts of feelings towards her, but few ever really knew her...</p>
<p>Time was almost up. In just a few years, Nightmare Moon would return. She still had to find the 6 ponies who could activate the Elements of Harmony. However, a Sonic Rainboom changed all that. It hadn't been performed in centuries, and with it came a strong magical connection that appeared in the form of 6 ponies and the head of a dragon plopping his head through her school's tower.</p>
<p>Moving quickly, Celestia arrived to see a strong energy emanating from a young purple filly having lost control of her unicorn powers. The effects were there: pony transformation, pony levitation, and a giant dragon. Celestia softly placed her hoof onto the filly's shoulder, resulting in a calming of the magic and the dropping of the filly onto the ground.</p>
<p>Twilight, as was the filly's name, apologized in fear of wrongdoing, but Celestia quickly explained that it wasn't her doing. She knew this filly was different, offering for her to be the princess's apprentice. All Twilight could do was stare in disbelief, but her parents, in full eager agreement, encouraged Twilight to accept. It was then that Celestia pointed at the filly's newly formed cutiemark, showing that Twilight had gained her cutie mark.</p>
<p>In the years to come, Celestia would search out the other ponies who were possibly connected with Twilight in some way. In very subtle ways, she would lead them to Ponyville, so that once the day had come there would be those ready for the call to protect Equestria. Celestia was pleased when she heard from her student that she had read the book the princess had placed for her and the concern Twilight expressed. Yet, instead of admitting the truth of the matter, Celestia charged Twilight with the task of checking for the readiness of the Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville.</p>
<p>After seeing her plan moving forward, Celestia waited, knowing that what would come on Nightmare Moon's return. She had to trust her student to make all the friends she needed. Deep down, she had to hope that despite her fears, Twilight would activate the Elements of Harmony and succeed where she had failed...</p>
<p>Now... Celestia watches as the destiny of her student unfolded, the adventures she and her friends have.</p>
<p><strong>Other:</strong> Her power I feel likely will be relevant to which plot she is a part of, but I believe that she is not the a goddess like many fans make her out to be and the tv show clearly reveals that she has limits to her abilities and Lauren Faust herself said that Celestia and Luna were not intended to be seen as goddesses. One thing in Celestia's favor when it comes to power though is the fact she has had over 1000 years to learn magic... but also learned when and how to use it.</p>
<p>Admittedly, when how often she has been kidnapped or otherwise taken out of the picture it does frustratingly put into question her power or capability in a fight. Sighs</p>
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