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<p><strong>Name:</strong> Phoebe Verdier</p>
<p><strong>Age:</strong> 28</p>
<p><strong>Occupation:</strong> Fashion Model/Supermodel</p>
<p><strong>Species:</strong> Pegasus</p>
<p><strong>Height:</strong> 6'0 on all fours.</p>
<p><strong>Weight:</strong> Freakishly light for a 6'0 horse (like 120 IBS or something iunno)</p>
<p><strong>Appearance: </strong>She is tall and slender with a long platinum blonde mane and tail.  She has a pure white coat that is kept well groomed.  </p>
<p><strong>Personality: </strong>She is like a little angel (:U) !  She is weirdly innocent, which ponies find to be a little odd considering she is a model.  She likes to hang out with friends and is always happy to talk to anypony who needs talking to!  However, from all of this, she can sometimes still be oblivious to things that other ponies find obvious.  I suppose there are always flaws in ponies, no matter who they are.</p>
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<p><strong>Backstory: </strong>Phoebe was born in an upper class family in Manehatten.  Her mother was a former model, while her father was a businesspony who ran a refinery business.  She grew up with two other older brothers who liked to torment their little sister all the time.  Her mother and father were very adamant about their education, which led them all to eventually attend the prestigious Canterlot University.  Already securing a modeling gig thanks to the kind words of her mother, Phoebe did not really take school too seriously, considering she already had her career set.  She eventually earned a literature degree, which didn't do anything besides give her a check box on job resume's showing she had a college degree.  With her regal colors and unusual body type, Phoebe had no issue moving up the ranks in the fashion world.  Being a happy-go-lucky kind of mare, she was loved by her employers who appreciated the upbeat personality in a career that could be quite dull.  Despite earning money from modeling, and having a trust fund from her father, she is very modest when around others, not mentioning anything about her living standards, as she wished not to offend anybody.  You can usually find Phoebe trotting around the city grocery shopping, going to parks to relax, and in her home in the suburbs of Manehatten.  </p>
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Phoebe Verdier is a public figure. People know about him. According to paper editor free, He does not have a reputable reputation in front of the audience. His audiences and fans have a lot of complaints from him. There are many scandals about him, which became viral on social media.
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