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Snow Storm
How to participate in the RP Event:
There are a few ways to play. Firstly, when you see [PROMPT], you are being asked to roleplay what your character would do in a situation.
Secondly, every 5 days a mascot (Sunshine Serenade, Misty Nights) will announce a game or a special event in roleplay fashion. It is up to you what your character does in that situation. Work together with your partner, buddy up with a single person or work alone to achieve a common goal.
The Mascots can reply to your individual roleplay responses, though this is not considered an announcement unless it is tagged as such like this: [ANNOUNCEMENT].
In the event that a game or special event is achieved or solved, a mascot will reply with [SUDDEN ANNOUNCEMENT].
Everyone who participates once will receive a participation badge.
Those that produce creative and wonderful RP moments will be chosen to receive a special award. This award encapsulates your moment in the spotlight and is considered canon to the event. You will be given the Spring Party Lore Idol 2023 badge!
To achieve the Lore Idol badge, you must demonstrate levels of enthusiasm that can get other people involved and having fun. Remember, the party is to make friends and enjoy eachothers company! (That is of course, your OC plans to crash it).
Roleplays will be monitored so there is no bullying and harassment. Site rules still stand and we advise all responses are kept SFW. Failure to comply will result in being removed from the event.
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