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Star Catcher
<p>So, I'm putting this here while I'm thinking about it, but I've been looking to learn how to art as of late. I've been working with a drawing tablet for a while now, and while I have a vague idea on how to draw a pony alright, I'm far from ready to start doing it as a means of income - or even as something I'd do for friends and all that. In short, I'm trying to get better.</p>
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<p><a href="">Here</a> is an idea of my last drawing. I've been trying to get to the point I've been drawing 3/4 reliably. Any artists out there have any advice in terms of drawing in 3/4 perspective?</p>
Well, first thing, make her neck a bit shorter. Second... not really.
But if can help, I used this tutorial for a while before understanding how 3/4 works.
Hope to be of any help. :)
Bryce John Adalynn
These ways to draw or learn drawing really is really interesting, isn't it? I wish now there can be a survey on how many people pay for writing services. I think the numbers would be high.