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The Doctor
It was a normal day, everypony was doing their daily things, but suddenly Applejack barn began to catch fire, everypony go to try to help,
That is how the journey began
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
The mare gasps, having heard the bad news, and rushing there faster than Rainbow Dash
Zia and Friends
Zia rushes over, hovering near the ponies. "Crikey! We need to put this fire out pronto!"
The Doctor
When you get to the barn, you see someone coming out of the flames, a brown pony with a hourglass cutie mark, he's carrying a pony on his back, on looking you realize that it's Derpy
"Hello everyone, i'm the Doctor and that is my friend Derpy"
Zia and Friends
The purple pegasus landed and smiled at Derpy. "Hey Derpy." She said
Ciara Roisin
It's cool to have people who are just like you and catch what you are about to say. is the company I work for and I have amazing colleagues who keep me on top of everyone.
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