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Did anyone else feel extremely disappointed in these episodes?
The build up for the reunited seemed amazing, especially with the characters they were introducing, and then----
Villain gets defeated by hug because his feelings were hurt and Star Swirl didn't say sorry.
The End.
I thought we have grown past this in the MLP series? Tirek was a more interesting and threatening villain. And he got further than most other villains on the show to completely and utterly destroying everything.
I feel that these episodes could and should have been stretched out over a series Arc. That would have been beautiful. Or even a movie made out of it---instead of that disjointed melted skittles factory of a movie they gave us. Still though, the best thing about that movie is Twilight being so realistic---she was such a delightful arse in the whole thing. XD
But I feel that this villain was a real let down. The whole idea was rushed, and slammed into barely a two parter episode adventure with something that CLEARLY had more ancient magic and story ready to be packed into it. I have very little hopes for the next Series, let alone the next Gen. : /