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Every bit of the journey had been favorable so far. The air was clear and slightly cold at night, underbrush and new leaves on trees sprang to life, and songbirds had begun to make their way back up from the South. A green Earth Pony stallion, somewhat following the pattern of the birds, also came from the South, though with a different purpose as he made his way towards Canterlot, the shining capital city of Equestria. It was newly morning when he skirted along the edge of the Whitetail Woods and made his way towards Ponyville- it was meant to be the last stop on his way to Canterlot. A smile grew on his lips as he trotted... he was ahead of schedule thanks to pushing himself, and decided that he could make a stop in the little town for a few hours.
Pinkie Pie (Werepony)
And wouldn't you know it, today was a day that Pinkie Pie: Ponyville's Permanent Party Pony, was throwing a party! The smell of sweets of all sorts filled the air as the green stallion got closer to the town. There was some polka music playing from a record player and balloons were everywhere. As well as confetti! You can't forget the confetti! Young fillies and colts ran around, laughing happily and wearing silly hats, their parents either dragging along or watching from the sidelines as to make sure they didn't get hurt. And at the center of it all, was Sugarcube Corner. A banner hung above it with the words, "Happy Random Party Day!" written in pink paint.
Celtic Cross
A very confused stallion stopped when he smelled the sweets and heard the festivities. He racked his mind, trying to no avail to think if there was a holiday on this particular day. When nothing came to mind, he shrugged to himself and began trotting forward again, though slower and in a more observant fashion this time, with his blue-grey eyes trying to peek around the edge of the trees which lined the road. When the town came into view from around the last few trees near said road, he took note of the banner and raised an eyebrow at the idea of a random holiday. Still, the young ones seemed to be having fun, and if all was well and good here, then he thought to make a distraction of the whole matter and slip in and out of town quietly. Thus the green Earth Pony trotted over the bridge and towards the town, eager to take a load off his hooves.