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Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Pegasus
Appearance: Cream colored coat, with a fairly long crimson red mane and tail of normal length with the same color.
Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark consists of a bolt of lightning surrounded by an orange roundel. It shows her talent in airborne agility. The roundel symbolizes the fact that she'd be willing to help others learn to fly, hence the reason why she became a preschool flight instructor.
Personality: Tomboyish and cheerful, she is always full of energy and is proud of her ability to fly, and is very knowledgeable in the study of flight. She's also an optimistic one, always looking at things in a positive light, but beneath her tough and optimistic exterior is an innocent and fragile nature due to a traumatizing incident in the past that killed her parents. Her tomboyish traits came as a result of continuous bullying by the other ponies in the orphanage she stayed in, which has toughened her up and enabled her to fight back against them.
Backstory: As a filly living in Manehattan's orphanage, Flow only learned to fly at a late age, she was always teased by the other pegasus ponies for her inability to fly. She always felt a feeling of sadness for that, but it slowly built up into desire to get back at them, as soon as she mastered flying, the others saw and challenged her to a race, to which she agreed. The race was a close call, but she managed to beat them all with amazing airborne agility, not long after that her cutie mark appeared, earning her the respect of her former bullies. Upon closer inspection, she wondered what that red mark surrounding the bolt of lightning really meant. Most of her peers wondered how she was able fly so well, so they asked her, and she was more than happy to teach them techniques on how to do it.
As her respect grew, she was invited by her former bullies to play hockey with them, a sport that she heard of before because of the popularity of the Manehattan Rangers, the hockey team of the city. At first she struggled with learning the basics, but as time went by she was already becoming a great player. As she plays it more and more, she grew to love the sport and became a fan of the Rangers, often trying to find the time to attend one of their games.
When Flow turned 17, she grew tired of the busy and fast paced life of her hometown and decided that it was time to make the move to the quieter town of Ponyville, where she eventually stumbles upon a help wanted sign for a preschool flying teacher, where she thought about sharing the talent that defined her herself, she thought that she should pass her knowledge to younger generations. Upon thinking that up, she finally realized what that red mark on her cutie mark really meant: a correction mark, symbolizing the job of a teacher, that it was her destiny to teach flying. Afterwards she immediately jumped at the position and now works as one, happily enjoying her new life in the town.
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