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I am most interested in finding an RP partner who is capable of writing paragraphs worth of writing during each turn that will follow the course of several adventures and events. I plan on using my OC, Clever Cognit and would be interested in learning about your OC and discussing their starting point in the universe as well as eventual fate. The setting will be Equestria during the time Twilight Sparkle and her friends are the acting elements of harmony, but time travel is a potential plot point. All other details such as whether characters will be ponies, anthro, the level of technology and how the universe can be altered if you desire a different tone from the show are up for discussion.
Rowan Keepsake
Is this still open? I usually do semi-lit rps but I think this would be great practice!
Just let me know!
Clever Cognit
Yes, it is still open and I would be glad to hear what story idea you have in mind.