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Hoiii sweet peas!
I am here to introduce my girl Aurora!
So here is what you need to know about her~
Art by SleepyUnicorn on Amino
Naмe - Aurora
Age - 20
Gender - Female
Seхυalιтy - Straight
Specιeѕ - Royal Northling
Specιeѕ - Royal Northling
Mane/Taιl Color - Light blond to and light pink gradient.
Mane Length - Very long mane
Eye Color - Blue
Coaт Color - Very light pink
Acceѕѕorιeѕ - Some rings in her tail, head acessorie, leg bracelet.
Art by Naughty Savage
Aurora is a hard working pony.
She is quite shy at first but very derp / troll when you get to know her .
Aurora loves to make harmlesd pranks.
She is fun and loves to help everyone .
The Queen is also a very serious horse when it comes to her duties. She loves to play games in her spare time or hang out with her friends.
Poѕιтιve Traιтѕ:
- Fun
- Energetic / Active
- Hard Working
- Friendly
Negaтιve Traιтѕ:
- Shy at first
- Derp / troll
- Mood Swings
- Gets tired very fast
Opтιмιѕт or Peѕѕιмιѕт - Optimist
Logιcal or Eмoтιonal - Logical
Meѕѕy or Neaт - Depends on the day
Inтroverт or Eхтroverт - Introvert
Lιĸeѕ :
- Beach and swimming
- Sleeping
- Friends
- Games
- Heat / Summer
Art by Marshmerry
- Work
- War
- Cold
- WIP -
If you have questions about her go ahead!
Poll: Do you like her??
April 5, 2018
Do you like her??
Your art is istunning! I loved it!