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A long time ago, some friends of mine did a stunning RP story with their original characters over on Twitter. It was amazing. It told the tale of a young mare ( Mystical Melody ) from a remote island that nopony in Equestria had ever heard about, and her quest to journey to Equestria along with her partner, discover new allies, and foil an evil ponies plot to overtake the island and throw it into darkness forever. Leading her team of "Seers" together against the darkness, they eventually succeeded in their quest and drove out the evil once and for all, securing peace on their remote home. The mare was eventually dubbed the islands first alicorn princess, along with it's new ruler, and the four went on to rule the land long and well.
I want to try and restart that roleplay, if for no other reason then to have fun with these characters and their remarkable quest to save their home.
There's just one teeny, tiny problem:
This roleplay spanned 6 months on Twitter, and as a result, it's left a lot of eras to choose from with starting the RP, which I have listed below:
- The Beginning: The start of Melody's journey, when she first arrives in Equestria via boat on the kingdoms southernmost shores along with Burning Embers.
- Ponyville: The point where Melody and Embers first arrive in Ponyville and get settled in, and where they first encounter the Evil Incarnations, along with Lightning Storm, their third ally.
- Canterlot: The section where Melody, Embers, and Storm arrive in Canterlot to attend a highly prestigious event, and where they first encounter Strange Tidings, the main antagonist of the adventure, along with Nature Hills, their final party member.
- The Search: The point where the party discovers that they must acquire seven "Keys" and bring them to a portal chamber located in the Dragonlands to open the entrance to Strange Tidings lair. They also acquire a small airship to navigate the kingdom faster.
- The Showdown: The point where the islands life force begins to be sucked dry by Strange's "Energy Extractor", forcing Melody and company to make one final assault on his lair using the seven keys to save the islands many residents.
- The Aftermath: Post-quest. Begins on the day after Melody's correlation as the islands first alicorn princess, along with it's new ruler.
- The Aftermath, Part II: Post-quest. Begins on the day after Melody's firstborn daughter, Aquatic Showers, is born. This is the last section that my friends RPed on before they stopped.
So yes, lots to pick from. All of them great, and none of them easy.
But there's one more thing I'd like to ask: If I end up having to play multiple characters ( there's a lot of them here, more joining in as the adventure goes on ), should I rename my account to "The Game Master", showing that I'm the one in control of the RP and the story? Or should I leave it as Melody ( the main character )?
I hope to hear your replies soon!
Forgot to mention in my first post, but me and my friends set up a small website/encyclopedia containing more information about the story's characters, locations, and more. If it's allowed, I'll link that here so you can go check it out and get more information about the adventure itself, and everypony in it.