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Just making a list of a few of my OCs. Don't mind the mess.
Name Dandelion:
Aliases: N/A
Gender: Female
Race: Florequina
Spring Form:
Fall Form:
Main Universe.
Dandelion is a very Kind pony. Often soft spoken, Or down right Curious. She'll often find herself talking to Plants, and not ponies. Though when she hears a Plants cry for help she'll come running! She does though hate it when plants are mistreated. She shan't stand for that! Not a bit! She will step in and intervene however she has to!
Common Locations:
Ponyville, Everfree Forest, and Canterlot.
Now. Dandelion is an odd pony, as you can see. She is not actually a pony, but a plant that has evolved so it wont be fed upon. She was born by herself, coming from a small seed mistaken for a Sunflower seed. She sprouted from it and was quick to learn. The Sunflower field she lived in was rather large, and the sun flowers there had been there for a long time. They taught her quite a bit, believe it or not. And she soon found herself in the care of the Stallion and Mare couple that owned the farm. They also taught her quite a lot. Things such as; how to speak equestrian, how to act like a pony, and even how to look less well, ragedy! She learned quickly, and aged quicker. She was an adult by the age of six! She stayed though, with her parents as they fell ill. She tried everything in her power, though it wasn't enough. They passed away and she sadly had to bury them in the field. But the sunflowers assured her. They wouldn't be gone forever. they were with her wherever she went. Now part of the earth she was birthed from. This brought her some... closure to say the least. The earth. Her true mother. And thus, her adventures began. Exploring the world and meeting all sorts of new plants of all shape and sizes! She enjoyed it all. She now lives on the outskirts of ponyville, where she owns and cares for a Garden based Cafe, which focuses on producing the sweetest Honey Teas around.
Misc Info:
During the winter time she becomes sluggish and slow. The cold taking a toll on her plant based Biology.
During her Spring form her tail is made of vines, some of which has thorns. This is mostly a defense mechanism against predators.
She can also do a bit of magic. While not the best, she can use the horn on her head to grow plants, revitalize their health, even control them from time to time! She tries not to though, the plants don't like that spell.
She always seems to smell of honey, even after taking a bath. Its just her natural odor.
Besides how she looks up there, Bluemoon's horn is small and under developed. Being the size of a fillies it is hidden behind her mane.
Main Universe
Bluemoon is... Antisocial. Not for lack of trying. She could be considered slightly depressed, Shy, skittish. Despite this she tries to stay positive, though its difficult. She quite enjoys the peace of nature, and the songs of birds.
-A good book
-Her Saddle
Common Locations:
Everfree Forest, Ponyville.
Bluemoon was born into a rich family in Manehattan. She was happy as can be despite her tiny horn. She would spend her days with her grandmother reading stories and enjoying life with others. When her fifth birthday came around she was given a saddle by her grandmother. One supposedly having a strong protection enchantment on it. Little Bluemoon loved it so much she vowed to never take it off again. That is when things went sour. many weeks later her home would catch flame, Burning down the mansion she once called home. It was probably a fluke. A few days would pass before the local school would of caught fire. Her grandmother, being a magically gifted unicorn thought something was afoot, and began an investigation. It turned out the cause was the saddle itself. The enchantment was improperly created and in turn became a curse. A beacon of bad luck and misfortune to those around Bluemoon.
She keeps herself in Everfree, living out of a hollowed out tree. For the most part her life is quiet, though sometimes she sneaks back to town for a snack or perhaps an event, even if things do go bad from time to time.
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