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Name: Midnight Oil
Gender: Male
Race: Bat Pony
Midnight Oil is a bat pony with a light gray body with purple bat wings. His mane is somewhat messy and kept short. It is shade of charcoal. His tail is similar. His size is more on par with that of an adult mare than with a stallion, and his muzzle is more curved then compared to other males, though not as much as a mare's would be. His eyes are a bright violet. Midnight's fangs quite noticeable unless purposely trying to conceal them.
Cutie Mark: A gas lantern in front of a full moon. It represents his love of the night, as well as his willingness to work as hard as he can to get a goal done.
When Midnight Oil is in a sociable mood, his humor and charm shine through. He can seem a bit distant at first, however once he warms up to somepony new, he can often talk their their ears off. When he is not feeling sociable, he can seem distant, lost in his innermost thoughts. Midnight has been known to zone out from time to time, being distracted by the beauty of the night sky or his own thoughts. He is most comfortable around his friends and family. He can be socially awkward around mares his own age and can occasionally put his hoof in his mouth.The bat pony also enjoys his alone time. Often, Midnight can be found with his muzzle buried in a book, reading about adventures and fantasy.
Midnight Oil has an ambitious streak. Throughout his life, he often has been questioned about his ability because of his size. He often will put every bit of his energy and time to prove those that question his skills. He had also applied this same mentality to his studies, often 'Burning the Midnight Oil' to achieve his goals.
Though he is pretty easy going for the most part, Midnight dose have a temper, albeit with a long fuse. On rare occasions he has lashed out at those that have hurt his family, family honor, or his friends.
Family, Daring Do books, Reading in general, Legends of Equestria (a role playing game based off of ponytales of old.), Ogres & Oubliettes, the night sky, cider, and fruit. Bullies, being judged by his size, boring tasks, pop quizzes, and bright sunny days (They hurt his sensitive eyes)
Midnight Oil was born in a remote area of the Foal Mountain range in a small village. He is the only child of Velvet Wing and Iron Cross. Growing up, he was one of only a few children that lived in the village. His mother, Velvet Wing took it upon herself to act as a teacher from the few foals and a classroom was built onto their family's house. As Midnight grew older, he quickly developed a love for reading and learning. Often he would stay awake well into the day getting lost in the worlds he read about. When he wasn't reading, the young bat pony would put all his effort into his flying and playing games with his father and other foals.
As he grew older, he and two others from the village had to complete their schooling in Bittsburgh. That's where his troubles would start. Being one of only a few bat ponies in his school, he could feel almost as if he was unwanted there by some of his fellow students. He would shrug this off as the days went on, focusing on his classwork, earning him the nickname "Teacher's Bat." His size did not help his bulling much ether, being a petite stallion. One day, it would all come to a head.
On the way home from Fort Bitt, Midnight Oil would be confronted by the bullies that had made his time at the school miserable. He stood there frozen as he listened to their hateful words of his being "Unwanted" or a "Monster of Equestria," he could feel something welling up deep inside him. As one bully proceed to make a rather rude joke about his mother, Midnight snapped, lunging at his classmate and proceeding to get into a hoof fight with him. "Nopony insults my mother!" he yelled as the tumbled to the ground. As the fight ended, Midnight sat up, crying about what he had just done. On the ground lay a molar that had once been his, knocked out by a flying hoof. Needless to say, Midnight was disciplined for his actions.
Upon returning home, Midnight's father would take him for a walk through the Foal Mountains to explain that there is a time and a place for everything. When the bullies, or life for that matter gives a low blow, take the high skies." During the walk, Midnight and his father would find a silver nugget near their village, shining in the moonlight. Knowing that silver was an easy to work with metal, Iron Cross would send his son, along with the nugget to Canterlot to see a dentist to see about a replacement tooth.
Leaving the dentists office, shinny new tooth installed, Midnight would see a poster recruiting for the Royal Guard. Deep inside, he knew this was his calling. To protect those he cared about. He would begin his basic training the day after he finished his studies in Bittsburgh. Using his speed and agility to an advantage, he would excel to the top of his class. Guard graduation was the proudest day of his young life, and now he has been placed in the Lunar Guard in service of Princess Luna.
Midnight Oil has a false molar that is made from a silver deposit deep from within the Foal Mountains. It is believed that this silver was touched by the moonbeams of Nightmare Moon's eclipse 1000 years ago.
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