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This is a Marvel and Pony crossover story. Anypony is welcome to join. Sorry for the long intro but I wanted to set up the story right. Anywho, come and join as this is my first role play and am looking forward to writing with other ponies! Now onto the story!
Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye was the first to wake after that blast of magic from Loki had hit the Avengers. The sun beat down from above and the clouds looked straight out of a cartoon show. He raised his hand to block out the sun and looked down at it in shock. He looked like a cartoon drawing! The archer looked over at his team and to his horror he discovered they all looked like cartoon drawings. What kind of magic did Loki hit them with? The others were waking and he watched as they too went through the same process he did.
"What the.." Tony Stark a.k.a Ironman said but the last word, inevitably a curse word, never sounded. It looked like he was trying to curse but no sound would come out and his mouth count seem to form the words.
"I don't think you can curse here, Tony" commented Steve a.k.a Captain America.
"And where is here exactly?" asked Tony, looking around at the cartoonist landscape.
"I don't know, probably so kind of alternate universe that Loki sent us to" responded Steve.
That is when a happy-go-lucky voice sounded from the distance and the team tensed up in anticipation. And to their astonishment a brightly colored pony with wings came soaring over. The pony stopped midair and stared at them with wide eyes while they in turn stared right back with only Natasha Romanoff a.k.a. Black Widow able to keep her expression neutral. Then the pony shook its head and smiled happily down at them.
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(May I join?)
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(What do I need to do?)
Just put your character into the story and we write as each others characters interact. You can be the pegasus that was flying over if you want but you don't have to
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(Nah, I'll just be Heart.)
Heart was having a normal day. She was watching "Guardians of the Galaxy" with her friends...for the millionth time ever...