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Sigma was on his daily journey to the nearest town for shopping and restocking of food. He had been there before but had never actually met or talked to any other ponies there besides the shopkeeper and the occasional friendly pony. He picked up the supplies and started his route back when he ran into somepony...
Heart Star
(May I join?)
Delta & Sigma
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Emerald Night
Sigma bumps into Emerald night almost knocking the lantern from his grasp
Delta & Sigma
He looks up at the pony he bumped into, both nervous and distracted. After steadying himself he asks, "Oh, Hello, sorry I wasn't paying attention to where I was going... um, do you know the direction to the Everfree Forest? I'm heading that way to get home and it's been awhile since I've been to town."
(Hey can I join?)
Delta & Sigma
(Sure, have at it)
Silver Sparkle
Silver Sparkle woke to the sound of loud voices outside of her mountain cabin. She rose slowly from her bed, careful not to disturb the kitten fast asleep on her bed. As she was reordering her ruffled bedsheets, she heard the sound again, expecting that her mother would take care of it. This is when she remembered, to her shock, that her mother was away, leaving her and Snowball alone. She ran from her room to the door that connected the cold, outside world with her warm living room. She peered out a frosted window to see before her two stallions speaking to one another. With a squeal, she ducked behind the door, hoping they had not seen her.
(Btw checkmate is behind the stallions if your ok with that) checkmate was getting bored listing to the stallions talking. She nearly fell asleep in the snow nest she made when her close friend (one of the stallions) said that they were going to see if someone was inside.she nodded and got up.