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Just be in Canterlot doing Canterlot things. No obligations or need to commit.
Script Chime
"I love living here. I don't really find must interest in small towns like Ponyville. Its not bad by any means, I visit once in a while." she put the book back. "What is your job that you need a lantern?"
Emerald Night
"Since ponyville is in such close proximity to the Everfree forest, ponies are bound to get lost in there. so when I am needed I go searching for them. I also act as a sort of guide through the Everfree as well. most ponies are worried about the creatures that lurk in there but with this nothing bothers me or those with me." Emeralds eyes go wide realizing that Script chime lives here "Have you met the Princesses?"
Script Chime
"No. Sadly not but its my dream to."
Emerald Night
"I would love to meet Luna." We make it to the shop that sells the lantern fuel "Well here we are, The Midnight Oil." We go in and walk up the counter and see a middle aged stallion. Emerald says "I would like two bottles of lantern oil please."
The sales pony says "That will be 30 bits please"
Emerald counts out the bits and pays, taking a moment to empty one of the bottles into the lantern. Emerald turns to Script Chime"Would you like to go to get something to eat, Im kinda hungry. it will be my way of saying thank you for walking with me." Emerald Smiles "And I have never been to a restaurant here in Canterlot."
Script Chime
"Absolutely!" she said smiling
Emerald Night
"Do you know anywhere that is good?"
Script Chime
"Hm...there is a good sandwich place."
Emerald Night
"Sounds good to me, lead the way" Emerald smiles
Script Chime
She trot to the sandwich place
Emerald Night
Emerald follows in tow "So whats good at this place"
Script Chime
"The performers are wonderful."
Emerald Night
"Is that the name of the place?"
Script Chime
"No. I'm just referencing all the ponies that preform around here."
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Emerald Night
"Oh ok well what is good here? I have never been."
Script Chime
"NIce food