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Schwoopy Tail
December 26, 2018


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Schwoopy sat down, eyes narrowed. She was doing that thing again. Playing in the snow. Building piles of snow and jumping in them...what was she? A child? It made him physically ill...comically he wre...View More
Amethyst the Hippogriff
A child at heart, most definitely. Amethyst rolled around in the powdery precipitation the frosty crystals clinging to her heavy coat as she thrashed about. She loved the snow! It was like glitter... that she didn't have to spend hours trying to clean up. Which was nice, because that seriously cut i...View More
Schwoopy Tail
He watched her from his perch, brow furrowing and transforming into a menacing glare at her. She couldn't make out his voice as he spoke but he'd indefinitely pouted from his spot. Not unlike a child but he wasn't trying to hide anything; it was just that his face was concealed due to their position...View More