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((An OOC reference sheet, should anyone be curious.))
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Demonic H Hooves
what a cutie
Minsa Rousain
Thank you!
Smoking Record
She's a cutie Hottie, ngl.
Minsa Rousain
Thank you very much >.<
Amazing! ^_^
Minsa Rousain
So very kind of you to say! Thank you!
Prince Hawk Zephyrus
She looks very cute, did you draw it?
Minsa Rousain
No, I wish I was a good artist! IllusionFalls on tumblr and twitter did the art :)
Prince Hawk Zephyrus
I'm pretty sure there is an artist hiding within your skills, there's no doubt.
Cutie! I like her!
Minsa Rousain
Thank you very much!
Maxh Vezpyre
Lookit' dat cyoot
Minsa Rousain
Thank you so much :3