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December 23, 2021 in Pizzamovies's Timeline Photos


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Time to settle this once and for all. You have to chose one. Canterlot Avenue isn’t big enough for two food ponies.
I know which side I'm on.
You made me do this, we could have lived together, but you wanted what is to come. *Chooses pizza* Pizza is the ultimate food, with all the foods of the food pyramid in one. Nothing personal, tacos.
Hey don't accuse me! I wanted both, but I had to choose
Knight Wolf
Knight sees a chance to instigate violence, he writes a letter to Pizzamovies "Comp said that the pizzas cheese was bland and not stretchy, and the toppings taste like catboard, hardly even pizza." Then to comp," pizzamovies said that the tacos break so quickly you cant even look at them and they ...View More
Cakepop The Baker
Cakepop walked over and did the thing nopony else was brave enough to do. She robbed both of the food trucks and ran away with the money.
King Artemis
I'm just gonna activate my security system. Pizza isn't all that. Kinda overrated. You like or dislike certain toppings on your pizza? Why so picky? For an overrated food.
Ghost stared at them confused as he was Setting up a Cake stand... A Third Contender has joined In!
Bright Brave
But it is big enough