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Silver parades around town with a sign. Carmine Gumshoe
Credit goes to Chiara Riviera
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Carmine Gumshoe
you think this is an “L” as you clueless youth say? Pah! PAH, i say! my Hanzo Hattori steel says otherwise. the devil shivers when a nice brony like me looses his cool…….. there are over 3,000 pressure points and no one can protect them all i know my master will forgive me, but will yours do the s...View More
Silver Bullet
Silver pulls out a glock from a backpack pilfered from a nearby classroom. “This is self defence yeah?”
Oh, just kiss already!!
Chiara Riviera
there is no love only hatred
Okay, okay.... when two ponies hate each other very much, they kiss aggressively. Then, nine months later, you get a dysfunctional family! 8D
Violet Moon
Violet throws a dart into the sign. Right between his eyes. "Hah! Perfect shot! Ooo, I'm gonna win this bet."
Astral Empyrean
On todays episode of "Silver over throws the communist agenda..."