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on November 15, 2023
(More oc lore)
Before pink got redesigned she didn’t really know she died she only found out when she noticed that nobody she knew could see her,she noticed an odd pony at her grave with some kind of phone on her back,she looked closely and saw a drawing of what became her current design,you see,all of my pony ocs come into existence after the drawing of them is finished and they have no clue about how they were created
(If you’re wondering why the pony version of irl me has a phone for a cutie mark it’s s because it’ll change depending on if I’m using my phone or school iPad to draw)
Dimension: 1200 x 900
File Size: 90.27 Kb
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This was actually the first time that I drew the characters without a base and I think I did good,it could use a bit of work but it looks good ^^
Like November 15, 2023
Great work! I've gone ahead and given your art its well-deserved original content tag.
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