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Ambient Waves
January 16, 2022
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Talk to animals or be able to speak every language.
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Carmine Gumshoe
imagine someone comes at you with an English + Spanish + Mandarin + Sanskrit combo. imagine the face you’d make that’s much cooler than telling the chimps at the zoo to go f themselves in monkey talk
Ambient Waves
I would reply with the toilets are that way and hope for the best ;W; cause I picked animals. Cause imagine teaching animals how to take over the world. Cause you don't have to hope they mimic your actions cause you can just tell them. VIVA THE FOX REVOLUTION
Papillon Crève-Cœur
Why would I wanna talk to my dog all she wants is food and to have her butt scratched
Ambient Waves
I mean it's any animal. Never wondered if the sound you hear is just the air escaping the lobster or?
Papillon Crève-Cœur
No because lobsters are little bitches I could be boiled and be just fine.
Ambient Waves
Respectable. Have a good day
Dr. Reid
Imagine going to a habachi dinner place just to hear the screams of hundreds of fish. I think i'ma go with all languages. Also being able to talk to my animal would make me way more attached to it which would make hardships harder.
Thornberry mode or unilanguage?
Animals have far more interesting things to say than people
Cakepop The Baker
Loophole, all the languages includes animal languages
Demonic H Hooves
People be like "animals would be better, cuz humans BAD" but in all reality it would be Dog "WHERE BALL? PETS?!! SQUIRRELS! cat " fuck off food provider, I'm trying to sleep" Horse "I once lived free in the wild and now I live in a box, I only get to run free when you want enjoyment, why would I tal...View More
Cakepop The Baker
My ferrets would probably be talking to fast for me to understand, those bitches probably snorted like 15 lines bro