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Commander Wyatt Ryder

Male. Lives in Canterlot Castle,  Equestria. Born on December 30, 1935
Misc. RP Information
(Alright, so... Before we get into RP stuff, giving a heads up to people. WYATT IS A FUCKING HUMAN. APPARENTLY I NEED TO POINT THIS OUT BEYOND HIS PFP AND THE RACE ON THE PROFILE. Learn how to use the block button if you don’t like me, don’t be a dipshit. ERP is fine within reason, discuss first, etc. I can be nice. If you're nice to me, I'm nice to you. I'll talk to you if you just want to talk and stuff. But I am a royal fucking cunt if you're not. Don't bring drama to me or you'll be told to fuck off. Also, with very few exceptions, I don't do anthro, sci-fi, modern Equestria with cell phon...View More
Royal Bodyguard, Royal Consort, Commander of Outer Heaven
Detailed Personality
Here's what's on file about little old me:
Wyatt is very driven and dedicated to the Princesses and is willing to give his own life for theirs, Celestia's doubly so. He is protective of them despite their ability to take care of themselves.(also your OC, especially if your OC is royalty). Despite jabs to Prince Blueblood about letting him die if an attempt was made, he would even defend him to the death if it came to it. He reigns in his more primal and violent instincts due to him being used to war for the sake of Equestria. He can also be fun and enjoys the occasional prank war, or even parti...View More
Detailed History
Well... My past is indeed... Fun and... Full of rainbows and... You're not buying this are you? Alright, it's been pretty... Mixed.
Well, in one word it's... Long. (for those curious, full history here:
So from what I've told them, here's what the record keepers wrote about yours truly:
Wyatt is indeed a sad tale, his story full of tragedy and loss, which has shaped him into the man he is today. Wyatt was born in 1935, and at the age of 6 his family was killed by Nazi spies. He was hospitalised after taking a shot to t...View More
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Wall Posts, Private Messages, Forums
Liverpool, England. Ponyville in Equestria by technicality
Common locations your character will be
In Canterlot, performing my duties, maybe helping Cel out
Title(s) / Rank
Commander/Lieutenant(Leftenant) Colonel
Skin / Coat Color
White skin
Eye Color
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
I jest it would be Bear Grylls' face if I had a Cutie Mark
Design Description
Here is my description that I found on a military file, I'll probably say a little something at the end:
Wyatt, also known by his codename, Black Fox, is very tall and has a large, solid build. He has fair skin with black hair that is medium length and unkempt currently. He has tattoos of his rank which is Lieutenant(Leftenant) Colonel on both his upper arms with the letters RMC written beneath.He also has the Royal Marine Commando Logo tattooed on his middle left arm, the Royal Marine Logo itself on his left pectoral, the British Flag on his middle back, a tattoo representing his hometown on h...View More
Dedication, loyalty, a sense of duty, food, alcohol, wings
Politicians, disloyalty, laziness, Prince Blueblood
I'm... Mainly self-taught. Due to my... Past. Although I had access to extensive knowledge in that regard. I'm well-versed in the sciences, especially in genetics. It's the key to many things about me as well...
Assets / Bits / Property
Well, I get paid quite a bit (get it?) for my job, but... I don't really spend all that much... I'm not a tight arsed git, I just don't want for much. I'm not exactly into the lavish and lush lifestyle... I'm a soldier. I've slept on rocks and eaten bugs. I'll buy my friends presents or treat my lovely marefriend, or buy little Flurry some gifts... Yeah I spoil that lovely little filly. I can't help it! She's so adorable! Although, most of my bits go into helping others.
Oh oh oh! I have a backpack which is enchanted so I can get items from my world! You know, food, weapons, ammo, that sorta th...View More
Skills / Notable Talent(s)
Oh, they've got this down on me: Incredible soldier. Expert Marksman. Extensive military training outside of Equestria. Superior hand-to-hand/ hand-to-hoof and even hand-to-weapon combatant. Extremely strong, and stronger than even Earth Pony Royal Guards. DO NOT ENGAGE IN CLOSE QUARTERS. Is good with a blade and bow and arrow. Hunts Everfree creatures, including Hydras and Manticores with little to no trouble. Very strong and well built, great leader. Expert tactician. Master of camouflage, and when wearing what he refers to as a 'Ghillie suit' he can become impossible to spot in the correct ...View More
I can make my thumb disappear and a pound coin/bit appear behind your ear!
What did you expect? I'm human. I didn't suddenly gain magical powers upon setting foot in Equestria. In fact, I'm rather resistant to magic. Having magic would be cool though... I do have equipment that nullifies magic usage, yes pretty much completely, yes all power levels, yes all types of magic.
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December 30, 1935
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