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Prince Callisto Epiphany

Male. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on December 30, 1997
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About Me
Name: Callisto Epiphany
Goes by: Epiphany
Race: Alicorn cross
Age: 26
Parents: Princess Luna and Tantabus
Friends: Aunt Celestia and the Wendigo's
Roleplay Universe
The Three Kingdoms
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Astro Blitz
*Nitroxus would ride on the back of a large tortoise. Upon arriving, he would wave and smile to the newcomer. Stepping down, he would bow to the creature.* Honor and Peace to you. Welcome to this wond... View More
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Prince Callisto Epiphany
At first the Prince himself couldn't believe his eyes. A,,,pony riding a...Tortoise? And a large one at that! What in Lunas name?? Before he could even gather his thoughts, Epiphany's narrowed eyes slightly widen. Off went the pony, a stallion he noted, to keel himself down. 'Ah, he bowing' he tho... View More
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Astro Blitz
*Looking at the Prince, Nitroxus would smile.* I'm Nitroxus Soulspins and its a pleasure to meet you. So, who are you? Oh, this is my pal Speedy and he is 79 years young. I'm here to welcome you, or just to help you.
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