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Born on January 1, 1900
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Alma hopped round in the snow, frowning in focus as they jumped left to right. Spinning. As the snow fell and landing in a small heap of the powder with a gentle crunch. It seemed they were trying t...View More
Amethyst the Hippogriff
Amethyst was there too. Though she wasn't trying to dodge the flakes. She was trying to catch them.... with her face. She hopped about in a weird sort of dance trying to catch as many as she could on her tongue.
The two acted in complimenting opposites; where Amethyst moved forward, shoving her face into as many flakes as she could, Alma moved backwards - twisting and turning to avoid getting any on them, to the best of their abilities. The two were not acquainted at all but they seemed friendly at least.
Adrian Coalhopper
Hopper stood there, watching, shivering.
Fruit Face
Fruit laid under a shed, sheltering him from the dratted snow. Top that you "higher be- never mind that, the wind just blew snow on him. Time to panic.
Imagine the following. The spider verse but instead it’s your oc and all the non canon versions of that oc as well. Actually no that’s be pretty mundane considering what people use non canon for....View More
"So it's...been a while since I've taken the time to visit. We've been preoccupied; for this we'd apologize." "There is much we have missed and much we must readjust our senses to."
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Amethyst the Hippogriff
Amethyst is completely transfixed on the shiny glowing ring above the ponies head. She wants to touch.
Amethyst, no doubt using her grabby feet, was a little concerning; like a tiny feline pawing at a toy. Alma seemed a little distraught, but caved in and lowered their head to allow whatever was going on to pass.
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