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Rainbow Dash

Female. Lives in Cloudominium,  Cloudsdale,  Equestria. Born on December 22, 1995
by on January 13, 2018
Soo..Must've forgot about this whole new Y E A R S sort of thing... Well,Yeah..Defiantly would've explained If I could've had the chance before. As funny as It Is..Or could sound,Seemed as If I hardly could even remember a single bit of my celebrattion myself back then,Not counting how long it's actually been neither..As only a week before this one,Really.. Things were going just pretty great till I could barely even focus on other things then. Surprising to me that I could manage to get...
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by on December 26, 2017
-This Is just most dedicated to any,As alike me. Who have a dream or such of being a Bolt member. Or just like them. Both still are highly encouraged on the prospect. For this is just a reminder to me to keep mindful of. I've recently kept up on these type of things and just decided to go on with a light few things,Others did question about It,And for I will try giving a effort at It myself. -Weather agree & or not so much. It's all on opinion wise ;) -This can go O U T to more than j...
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by on December 8, 2017
ϟ To be inspired is one thing,But to inspire can be something to make a whole difference entirely. Things just truly can't be on the easy path- Storms will hit. Try taking one down. Really though through everyday some could even say that every moment were worth to pay,Not cause of the small things that get in the pathway. It could've been the things you said till this day. I've seen a lot. A lot of positive and negativity in some ways. One can't possibly always lead the way,But help guide it...
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