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Rainbow Dash

Female. Lives in Cloudominium,  Cloudsdale,  Equestria. Born on December 22, 1995
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Ask- Random Rainbow Dursh,Rainbow pon. Whatever weird & nonsense etc. QUESTIONS. -When she's open
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BE A Skittleee!
  -You're obvioooously a SKITTLE. We know..We've all been there. so express the AMAZING skittle feelings out. This is a free loving page for em. WE need em for days in need. So enjoy all are welcome. None must be left out! Strong Knowledgeable Intelligence Trusty Truthful Love Encouragment -And waaay much more where those came from! Post things that make you feel like a skittle if you want. Proud to be one,I can't just be the ONLY one! Help It be loved...! The friendship here will grow O^O Don't ever fear what can be right,As far as we make It. Nothing can Stop our Skittlesss journey to far past distances!!! Sharing Is always cool If you are too! ^O^   What Specialized ROLE will you take on!!? -Embrace your True self & Colors to your and the world! ProProfs Quiz- What kind of skittle are you ? (: -Makenzi Seaton    
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