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Lady Selenite

Female. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on August 29, 1995
Misc. RP Information
Hello!, just to let you know i won't be online often so don't be scared to leave a PM or a DM, i won't bite your hoof off, but please please PLEASE greet me out of character first before we decide to roleplay, i don't really like diving into random roleplays people send me, most of the time i will dismiss them or just give you a snotty reply, but other than that i have no other real issues at all.
Council Mare
Roleplay Medium (Preferred RP Location)
Wall Posts, Private Messages
Common locations your character will be
At home or heading to meetings, so anywhere would be fine.
Skin / Coat Color
Blue Gray
Eye Color
Cutiemark (If Applicable)
Design Description
Selenite is a skinny mare but tall well a little taller than other mares, but unlike other mares she prefers to keep her mane and tail short and trimmed or just controlled, while her fur is well groomed but in some places her fur seems to have not grown back properly eluding to some old wounds, but that is if you can get under her dress that is but there is one old wound that isn't at all hidden the very obvious three scars above her left eye, and while talking about her eyes they are a brilliant amber in color while her mane is a silver.
Spending time with her Son, Napping, quiet Cafes.
Loud places, clubs, spicy food, overbearing ponies.
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August 29, 1995
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September 4, 2020
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March 22, 2020
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