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Sir Heliolite

Male. Lives in  Canterlot,  Equestria. Born on August 29, 1995
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Sir Heliolite
"Hrm, maybe i shouldn't buy anymore mirrors from gypsy caravans anymore... but i do say i'am quite handsome in this one," Thanks to for this one!
"Well if you're gonna complain, I'll be taking that mirror back."
Sir Heliolite
"I've already paid for it, you are not getting this back, 'Unless' i get twice my money back"
"That's stupid. Keep it then, just don't break it."
Sir Heliolite
"Why would i 'Break' my own property?... you are one weird bird"
"I meant by accident, horn-head. Who knows what sort of spell would be catastrophically un-done should that mirror shatter."
Sir Heliolite
"Hrm good point... but if you call me horn head once again an i'll smash this mirror over your head..."
Nitroxus Soulspins
*Nitroxus rode on a magical flying paintbrush that was making a trail of rainbow paint. He soon smiled to them. He then passed a large gift over to them.* Happy Birthday!
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