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Male. Lives in  Beyond Equestria.
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South paw
Loki visits grogar " I don't know what it about you but I like it "
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Countess Eiko Aki
The Kitsune vampress grins as she suddenly appears behind him, "Well, well, well...If it isn't little Grogar...I trust you've not been doing anything of importance, lately?"
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Cozy Glow
"Hey, Grogar! How's it goin'?"
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He stared down at the filly, "Welcome back, Cozy Glow..." He then looks around, as if searching for someone, "Where are Tirek and Chrysalis? They've been gone for some time..."
Cozy Glow
"Oh, geez... I've got no idea! I thought they'd be with you!"
Grogar sighs, "Those fools need to know that in order to succeed, we must communicate! We cannot afford to be unorganized!" He looks back at her, "Keep an eye out for them, and report back immediately if you find either one of them."
Cozy Glow
"Aye-aye, sir!" She said before flying away, on her way to search for the others...
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