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April 12, 2021
Hello, everyone! Today we have an important announcement that we encourage all users to read. Click/Tap "Read More" for more details.
Greetings, everyone!
Today we want to say farewell to a staff member who has been with us for a very long time, GoldenHeart. He has also been involved in projects unrelated to Canterlot Avenue, and he’s been a huge help to this project and to this community as a whole. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce his departure from the administration team, as Golden is looking to pursue his own projects and work on improving things in his personal life. For those unaware, GoldenHeart is one of three Co-Founders of CA and was instrumental in forming the foundation for what Canterlot Avenue was going to be. He also aided with improvements done over time, and that lead to what CA is today.
GoldenHeart has been a valuable asset to our team and has stood out with his exceptional management skills over the past few years, and assisting the team to achieve the best outcomes in the challenges we have faced. We appreciate all of the time and effort he has put in for both the team and the community at large. We wish him luck with his future endeavors and we hope that he succeeds in his future projects.
A personal message from Corona: Thank you for all of the efforts you put in for CA, and for putting the community first with everything you did. Thank you for the hours you sat with me to discuss this project and to help me shape it into what it is today. Without your guidance and assistance, CA wouldn’t have been where it is today. I hope that you manage to achieve your loftiest goals and that your future is as bright as you deserve. On behalf of all the staff, we again say thank you!
-The CA Staff Team