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February 20, 2024
Introducing.... Roleplay categories!
The newest and best way to connect with others with similar interests!
Hey Everypony!
Our Dev team has been hard at work, and thanks to feedback from users like you, we are proud to  announce the introduction of...
Roleplay Categories!
The newest and best way to start Roleplaying on Canterlot Avenue
  • What are Roleplay categories?
Roleplay categories are a brand new feature here at Canterlot avenue, allowing you to connect more easily with users sharing your same roleplay interests! Such as Fantasy, Horror, Slice of Life, and many more!
  • How do I Find people who share my interests?
There are Two ways to find them!
The first is going to your sidebar and Looking for the brand new "roleplayers" tab! There you will see other users who share your interests!
The Second is going to the 'browse users' section And selecting your preferred mode of roleplay in the Search filters!
Like so!
  • How do I add myself to a category, so that others can find me?
When Editing your profile, there is a brand new section called "Preferred Roleplay genres" There you can use the drop down menu to select what roleplay genres you like the most!
Have fun everypony!