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February 23, 2018
The staff of Canterlot Avenue wants to leave a message to all of our new users. Click/Tap "Read More" for more information
We are aware of the new influx of users that have arrived at our site. We would like to say we, as CA staff, are welcoming you all with open arms. We hope that all of the new users from all sites come in and converge together to enjoy your and our ocs on one great social roleplay website! <br><br>
We do have one recommendation in which that you read the rules, which can be found here: <a href=""; target="_blank" style="color:blue;">Rules</a>. While they are subject to change, the staff is always here to help out with any questions that you have. Don't be shy, we don't bite! <br><br>
We all thank you for coming to our site, and we hope everything will be great for your CA career to come! <br> <br>
-CA Staff