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April 28, 2023
This announcement contains important information of future changes. Click/tap "Read More" for more details.
Greetings, everyone!
This announcement is to inform users of future ruleset amendments coming to Canterlot Avenue.
We are aware that AI-generated content has become a trend, not just outside of the MLP community, but also within it. Seeing as we anticipate it will become more common for several users to use these tools and upload said content, we have decided to focus on this matter at hand. After several discussions, the administration team has decided that moving forward, tagging tools will be implemented into CA, which will require users who upload AI-generated content to be accordingly tagged. Subcategories will also be included for modified/transformed AI art.
This future tagging system will ensure that all users are aware of what is and aren't AI-generated. One of the changes we wish to implement is a spoiler filter that would blur out any AI-generated content on the feed and on the photos section of the site for those who do not wish to see this type of content. Although, currently, this is a tentative change, as we need to research the feasibility of this change. If implemented, profile pictures and profile banners will be excluded from the spoiler filter.
Further changes to CA will include an "Art" upload section on the main feed, which will put all of the necessary tagging features upfront and center, to make it more visible for all users uploading any type of content.
New rules will be put in place which will outline the requirements needed for AI-generated content to be uploaded on-site. The tools required for this system will take us some time, as there is research to be done and changes to our software that must be made during the development process; however, in the meantime, we ask that users uploading AI content refrain from doing so until our tools and new rules have been put in place. If you have already uploaded AI art, we ask that you please remove it as well.
-CA Administration