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by on August 17, 2019
You won't remember me.
"Of course I will!"
You say that today.
"I won't be the friend that walks away!"
I know the drill.
Just wait and see.
"They hurt you before-but I'm different!"
Of course you are.
I wouldn't be so mean as to imply otherwise.
But deceiving yourself is the easiest of lies.
And I haven't come this far
To be a politician about every portent.
"You're living in the past, that was then, let it go!"
Oh so those who won't learn from history aren't doomed to repeat it?
"They were bad, I'm good, surely it was all their fault?"
How would I know? All I've got is tumult
In my soul, confusion-what is the etiquette?
I didn't make the rules-who was wrong? I don't even know.
What I do know is that if you're flames, then the only safety for all
Is to be responsible and and keep them at arm's distance.
Push them away, let them taste the heat but not the fire.
Only in remembering pain will you spare others the mire
Of the truth of your friendship-a pained existence.
Let the memories of before be mortar to your emotional wall.
Topics: poetry