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by on October 22, 2021
Concentration. It's the first rule of all magic users attempting any form of spectacle performance. Magic starts at the base of concentration. Wiping away the world around you, whether it be for hours, minutes, or seconds, to purely focus on what you attempt in achieving. It's at this beginning stage where no mistakes must come into being. For the most minor distraction or hesitation will only result in failure. Sadly....failure was a common pattern as of late. A small flower was straight ah...
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by on October 22, 2021
Greenery on all sides soon gave way to the familiar clearing which housed the cottage Mirror called home, and she made her way to the door, face set with determination and head held high. The illusion of confidence provided her with just enough real confidence that when she pushed open that door and stepped inside, she really was ready to confront Faith. She had practiced in her mind exactly what she would say. But Faith was not there. A quick glance confirmed that. No lights were on in any roo...
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by on October 20, 2021
It was evening, and a beautiful one at that. Gold cascaded down from the heavens above to find a lone pegasus bent over her desk in a little cottage in the Wandering Woods. She gripped a letter open tightly in her teeth by its dark leather handle. Naturally, this pegasus was Blind Faith herself. She stared intently at her own arm, which was laid across the surface of the desk. Only a moment before, a small incision had knitted itself back together, leaving no hint it had ever existed. ...
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by on October 19, 2021
Light filtered through the trees to dust gold on the grass and the dirt, and on each thing that lived beneath that canopy, so that the Wandering Woods looked nearly as magical as they were. Among the light and the trees stood a lone unicorn. She glittered like glass, from her pale blue mane to the soft pink coat of her fur, and seemed as delicate, too - her long limbs were thin, and they trembled and creaked when she moved. The only part of her immune to the shimmering light was her beach glas...
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by on October 18, 2021
As you must know my name is nova moon , daughter of King Sombra. I want to learn the value of friendship so one day my father and I can live in harmony with all the other creatures and ponies of Equestria, i'm not used to writing letters... but i hope you understand that my father has changed and wants to learn about friendship and harmony...
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by on October 16, 2021
It was early morning when Mirror crept back into the cottage, but Faith was still awake. She sat at the table. Mirror plastered a bright smile on her face and lifted her head as if she hadn't been trying to sneak in. "Hello." "Welcome home, my dear. You were out so late. Is everything alright?" "I was caught in the storm. I do apologize, I wanted to come home to you, but I could not make it in those winds." Faith rose, and came to the door where Mirror still stood. She lovingly draped a...
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by on October 14, 2021
Faith tapped four spots on the desk, watched a slot roll open, and put the parchment she'd been writing on inside. It slid smoothly back into place with a click at the same time as she stood up. Her wings clicked, too, when she stretched them out, and she noticed that it was dark outside the window, which struck her as odd. It struck her as odd because Mirror wasn't home yet. For twelve years, Mirror had been devoted entirely to Faith. She had come to their clearing each day, had read to her, h...
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by on October 12, 2021
The damage was worse this time, and Whiplash had already been dismissed for the night. The sting of her numerous cuts and bruises dulled out any sense of emotional pain at her best friend leaving her to rot in the jail cell of Manehattan’s holding cell. The all-too cold bench of the cell had become somewhat of a comforting embrace over her numerous years ending back up in here – now going on three or four years of this dance. The pain-laced scowl was etched on her strikingly-bright face – a h...
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by on October 12, 2021
Usually, Betty would be surprised to find her husband home when she woke up. Considering he usually worked from nearly 5 in the morning, until 6 at night Monday through Saturday it was rare for him to ever spend more than an hour or two awake once he got home. Sure, it limited the time they got to spend together during the day, but they were both pretty busy, and Betty didn't mind only having one full day a week with her husband. The time apart just made their time together all the more special....
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by on October 3, 2021
Changelings are the most notorious of Equestrian fae. They require love to sustain themselves, and for a very long time, this led them down dark paths. Foals were stolen from their cribs and replaced by newly hatched changelings in their likeness. While horrifying behaviour to pony kingdoms, it was a custom formed of desperation. No changeling wanted to let their children starve and suffer, not while ponykind gorged themselves on hoarded resources, and they did not harm the stolen foals. Each on...
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by on October 2, 2021
I am holding a party in the Town Square with pinkie pie and I want you to come to my party because, I want one princess to come to my party, and after that I want you to come to my friend's baby shower (don't forget the presents for the baby) and of course the trip to the rainbow factory.:rd_sunglasses::ninjadash:
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by on September 30, 2021
Novaya's eyes moved back and forth between the blank piece of paper on the table in front of her and the old polaroid next to it. The pen in her mouth wobbled slightly as her lip quivered. She was hesitant. The mare had attempted to write this a thousand times already, but could never find the strength to put her thoughts and feelings into words… Closing her eyes she sighed heavily, the air escaping her lungs in uneven bursts. No, she couldn't burst into tears and give up again. It had to be...
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